Amigurumi (ah-me-goo-roo-me) is the art of making small toys out of yarn. This includes stuffed animals, movie characters, and toys for both humans and pets. Unless noted otherwise, I followed a pattern for most of these items.

Pokeballs and Bellsprout

These right here are the very first crochet items I ever made! I made these from left to right- you can see the process!
August. 2013


Ghost, the direwolf from Game of Thrones. Thanks to this little guy, I won a reserved seat to a pre-screening of the Season 5, Episode 1! It was such a cool experience!
July 2014


Water bottle for size reference.
August 2014


One of my first attempts at amigurumi... turns out facial features are hard!

Little White Bread

The first flat thing I made. A family friend requested a piece of white bread for a costume, so this was a test run.
August 2014

Big White Bread

Test run completed, time to size up the loaf! This was based on the pattern of the smaller one but was my first foray into winging a crochet project. This was the finished piece (slice?)
August 2014


Tried a new weight yarn with this one... Didn't have the proper weight in all the colors I used, so it didn't work well. December 2014

Super Mario

Made this plushie as a gift for a cousin. It is from a pattern I found online.
December 2014

Traffic Cone

A great gag gift for a friend, I would move this to a different spot in her apartment every time I went over.
anuary 2015

Baby Booties

I made these before my cousin was born based on a pattern I found online. She was born with big feet and they never even fit her!
January 2015


Affectionately known as Pabs, this was the first item I made without a pattern so I winged it as I went along. My brother asked me to make this as a prop for a con cosplay. He went as Bolin from Legend of Korra.
June 2015


Everyone's favorite healthcare provider robot from Big Hero 6. Gave him to a friend as a birthday gift and he was a hit!
August 2015


A typical snack food found in Hawaii that consists of spam on a bed of rice, wrapped in nori. This one is 100% yarn.
August 2015.


Decided to give the Pokeball another go since I had a few years of experience under my belt. This worked up MUCH faster and was very even in comparison! This one is about 4 inches wide.
March 2017

Captain America

Gifted this cute Captain America magnet to a friend as a graduation gift. He's about 3.5 in. tall.
May 2017

Timmy the T-Rex

This is my first Timmy! He's pretty cute so I figured he would be popular. Wondering how popular Timmy became with my friends and family? Take a look at the yearbook to decide for yourself.
January 2019

Cowboy Hat & Vest

I didn't make the monkey, but I was commissioned to make a cowboy hat and vest after someone saw the cowboy hat I made for Calamity Carlos! This was my first attempt at "clothing", and I'm glad I had this trial run. Making an adult sized vest and/or sweater will be a challenge but I think will be a bit easier after making this smaller version.
November 2019

Christmas Mice Ornaments

The mice that spawned a movement among my friends! What started as my annual Christmas ornament in 2019, these guys were such a hit that I began designing them for other holidays.


Commissioned by a friend as a companion to Untitled Goose Game, this guy is relatively calm. Surprisingly, he is not ducking nuts and does not just want to watch the world burn. There was some fowl language in the creation of this item.
November 2019


I had every intention of this guy functioning as a dice bag but there's no way to secure the top so... no dice. It is a very cute frog with a hinged mouth so you can open it up to see the long pink tongue.
January 2020.


A friend asked me if I would crochet her something and wondered if octopi would be a quick project for me. I'm still shocked that it took 6.5 years of crocheting for me to make my first octopus because they're such a quick and easy project! I didn't even need a pattern for this one.
January 2020


Made this sheep for a friend who raises sheep. I think the muses appreciate the artwork.
January 2020

Tre the Cat

Made this guy as a thank you gift for a friend who let me borrow a textbook all semester. I based it off of her cat Trey, who only has 3 legs and no tail.
May 2020

Hero Bear

One of my best friends is a nurse who worked on the front lines treating COVID patients. I know being a nurse is often a thankless job, so I thanked her in the only way I knew how: by making a Frontline Hero Bear wearing her color scrubs.
September 2020

Cat Doobie

Look, we all know cats just need to chill out sometimes. Toss them a blunt filled with the freshest nip around and they'll be cooler than a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich. These have a velcro closure so your cat always has some fresh nip.
October 2020

Cat Lightsaber

The force is strong with this cat. His name is Luke and he actually lives with another cat named Vader šŸ˜± Couldn't leave him unarmed! This lightsaber also comes with a little cat nip in it to chill after defeating the Sith Lord.
January 2021


This cutie was commissioned by a family friend to give to her grandchildren! Approx.
5.5 in. tall.
January 2021

Bernie Sanders

This guy was really popular after the 2021 inauguration. I was excited to try crocheting a human-like item but the instructions were so poorly written that this ended up being a nightmare! One of my worst crochet experiences.

March 2021

Poison Apple

Evil Queen anyone? A friend commissioned the purple and black one. I had so much fun making it that I decided to make my own when I saw the red and green yarn next to each other at the store!

August 2021

Candy Corn & Spooky Corn

I loved making these! I began making them to use up some yarn scraps but they were fun to give to family and friends

September 2021

F Bomb

My boss kept assigning me projects that begin with F. We joked how it was my favorite letter, so I had to gift him one of these.

November 2021