I started making pillows when I realized they'd be a more useful gift than lap blankets and small banners. I made these pillows by first creating my own chart of the image, then following the chart as I crochet the pillow.

The U

I made this as a graduation gift for some friends who were moving on to the "adult" world. I decided to put the U on neutral backgrounds so one side of the pillow is white and the other is black. I attached each side together with both green and orange yarn, and there's a zipper on the bottom to easily add/remove the pillow. I made it using the C2C (corner to corner) method, which gives it that small, pixelated look. It is roughly a 16 inch square.


This one was a fun challenge! I found a cow clip art pic online, turned it into a graph, made a copy and erased everything but the outline of the cow, then added spots for the cow's backside. I tried adding a tail to the graph but it didn't look right, so I decided to add the tail to the finished pillow. I wanted to make this machine washable, though, so I fastened the tail (made of braided yarn) to a snap button. This one turned out a bit larger than I anticipated, about 18.5 by 18 inches.


I made this for a law school classmate who started college at Georgia but graduated from Baylor. I had some problems with the yarn that impacted my gauge, so I had to improvise a bit to fix the Baylor side. What should have been a quick project turned into a long one but I'm proud of how it turned out overall! I made this pillow using the C2C method, and it is about 15 by 14.5 inches.