This page is dedicated to things I've made that don't quite fit into any other category

Four Leaf Clover

This was technically a brooch but I put a magnet on the back so it could have a practical use. 2015.

Panda Wine Hugger

Made this for a friend who loves pandas. I hated working in the round at the time, though, so I hadn't quite gotten the hang of sizing. This was supposed to fit a soda can, not a wine bottle. 2015.

Knight Topper

A small knight here to protect your wine bottles or corks! Not pictured: his trusty sword (a toothpick). 2015

Cat Ears and Tail

My cousin was a cat for her first Halloween so I made a small tail and ears to complete her costume. 2015.

Graduation Lei

One of my undergrad friends is proudly from Hawaii. I knew absolutely nothing about the culture prior to meeting her, so it was cool to learn from someone who was so excited to share her culture with friends. Leis are typically given to individuals receiving an honor, such as at a graduation or wedding, or as a sign of friendship. I made this for her when she graduated.

Pink Skull & Crossbones Hugger

Made this for a friend's mom in 2016; she picked out the colors

The U Grad Cap Cover

This was the decoration for my grad cap--of course it was crochet! The U because I graduated from the University of Miami, the Dalmatian spots because I absolutely love Dalmatians!

Heart Bookmark

A coworker commissioned me to make this bookmark in 2017 as a gift for his friend, an avid reader.

Riddler C2C

This is a test swatch from when I learned the corner-to-corner (C2C) technique in 2017. I needed to practice the technique itself and switching colors. My brother loves The Riddler, hence the pattern.


I intended for this to be a dorm Christmas tree topper but didn't starch it enough. The friend who received it had a much better use for it: it became the apartment prize for winning Super Mario Party and would adorn the door of the most recent winner. 2017

Fingerless Gloves

This was one of my favorite projects because it came from a fun deal: I would crochet a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend and, in exchange, she threw a ceramic mug and bowl for me. It was so fun exchanging crafts like this, and I got to use my first "luxury" yarn! 2019

Ear Buddies

Ah 2020... need I say more? Put these around the back of your head to keep your ears from getting sore. The ones with holes are for ponytails (see below)

Cat Butt Coasters

Did this commissioned piece by simply looking at a photo, which I'm proud of. March 2022

Hogwarts Coasters

In primary and secondary house colors (based on movie colors). April 2022