Winter is easily my favorite time of year, but it's also the most stressful time of year. I usually crochet to relax a bit, which is at least partially why I started crocheting an annual Christmas ornament. That annual ornament has expanded into everything on this page!

Annual Ornaments

I typically make a bunch of these and give them to friends and family as little Christmas gifts

Mini Santa Hat

2016/2017 Annual Ornament

Mini Stockings

2018 Annual Ornament

Christmas Mice

2019 Annual Ornament

C9 Bulbs

2020/2021 Annual Ornament

2022 Ornament

Coming soon!

Other Ornaments

These are ornaments that I make for a particular person. I usually only make one or two.

The U

Made circa 2016 for a friend in undergrad

The Golden Snitch

From Harry Potter, made circa 2016

Lightning Bolt

Go Bolts! Making this ornament (2016) was when I learned how difficult it is to make lightning bolts in crochet

Black Widow

This was actually a gag gift for a friend (2017) but it's technically an ornament so it makes the page

Santa Mickey Head

This was a fun one that works up quickly! 2018



Made this at the request of a close friend. It was the first project I had done with 100% cotton yarn so it had a different feel compared to everything else I made. I'm proud of how it turned out!

Snowman Cookie Holder

Found this idea online and decided to copy it for a White Elephant Party! This snowman holder is supposed to be made of cotton yarn so it can be used as an oven mitt to pull the cookie tray out of the oven. This particular one is made with acrylic yarn because I didn't have any cotton on hand.



The first stocking I ever made. It came out a bit longer than intended but looks very festive!


Also a long stocking... That's something I'll need to work on

Jim & Jenn

Same patterns as above but tried to center them a bit more... I'd say it was a moderate success