Out of the blue, a friend sent me this pattern because she thought it would make a cute Christmas ornament. Due to their size (about 3.5 in. long, not including the tail), these work up quickly and can easily be modified for any holiday. Within the first year of having this pattern, I made more than 80 mice!

Christmas Sweater

The mice that started it all! Pictured here in ornament form.

Mauve Sweater

Supersized this mouse and designed it to match Queen Kit

Halloween Sweater

This is a normal-sized mouse, shown here with a measuring tape for a size approximation

Candy Corn

Special shout out to my brother for the idea to make this one! It's my favorite of all the designs


The white triangles are actually fangs, not a bow tie. The fang size/shape is something I need to work on

My small army of Halloween mice

Christmas Tree

Cutting that tiny star nose out of felt is a real pain!

Jack Skellington

For when you can't decide between Halloween and Christmas

Green Sweater

I had a lot of green yarn floating around and wanted to see how it looked together


Made with blanket yarn and a big hook, this cuddly guy is around 8.5 in. long!

Christmas army at the ready